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Artboard 1 Notice: East Africa Countries

A foreigner who wants to visit simultaneously the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda for tourism is eligible for an East Africa Tourist Visa.

An East Africa Tourist Visa is multiple entries within the three countries and shall be valid for 90 days.

Applications for this visa shall be lodged at any of the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda, at the Immigration Offices of the respective countries or online where applicable.

Consulate information


2249 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20008

Phone: (202) 387-6101 Website

Important Facts

The government of the Republic of Kenya has fully implemented the issuance of  100% e-Visa with effect from January 1, 2021.

  • COVID-19 REGULATIONS (Subject to change). 
  1. Travelers must have a COVID-19 Vaccination certificate showing that they are fully vaccinated. The certificate must be in English and uploaded at Global Haven website. For update information, please click this link
  2. Travelers must complete the Travelers Health Surveillance form online. This does not apply to passengers younger than 5 years.
  • Passport must have at least six (6) months validity beyond the completion of a trip and has at least one (1) blank visa page.
  • NO VISA REQUIRED for nationals of Botswana, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Singapore, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and some other countries for a maximum stay of three (3) months; for nationals of Malaysia and South Africa for a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • VISA EXEMPTION. No visa required for children 16 years and below. This does not apply to the East Africa Tourist Visa.
  • VISA REGULATIONS/TYPE OF VISA. Passport holders traveling to the Republic of Kenya are divided into 3 categories. Check your country eligibility

Category 1 – Nationals and persons who do not require visas to enter Kenya.

Category 2 – Nationals issued with visas on application. To ALL nationals (including US nationals) in this category, E-visa has to be obtained before departure. NO visas will be issued on arrival.

Category 3 – Nationals and persons from countries that require referred visas.

Single Entry Visa:  Category 2 & 3. Issued to persons whose nationalities require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism or medical reasons. Visa is valid from the day of issuance

Multiple Entry Visa: Category 2 & 3. Issued to persons who require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism, medical or other reasons. Visa is valid from the day of issuance.

5 yrs Multiple Entry Visa: Issued to US nationals to enter Kenya either for business or tourism. Visa is valid from the day of issuance.

East African Tourist Visa: Category 2. This is a joint tourist visa that entitles holders to travel to and within the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda for the purpose of tourism (please refer to notification on the beginning of this page). Visa is valid from the day of issuance.

Transit Visa: Category 2 & 3. Issued to persons connecting through Kenya to other destinations for a period not exceeding 72 hours. Those connecting  direct flights without leaving the airport DO NOT have to apply for transit visa.

  • For more information and questions contact the GC Visa office.
Visa Application Requirements e-Visa
Completed e-Visa application form
Passport size photos - one (1) photo
White background and should be free of shadows, in color and clear, without glasses. Applicants must directly face camera w/ a neutral expression and clearly visible eyes.
Copy of valid passport's vital information page
Invitation letter
Letter should be addressed to the Consulate General of the Embassy in Washington DC. Must include: applicant's name as in passport, passport number, detailing the reason for traveling, dates, name, address and telephone number of the host.
Copy of host company's corporate registration certificate (Business visa only)
Letter should be in both languages (the native language-if applicable and English)
Copy of passport's vital page or ID of person signing the invitation letter.
Include a copy of the legal status of the host if host is not a citizen of the country.
Copy of flight itinerary
A round trip travel airline ticket with traveler's name.
Copy of hotel reservation/Evidence of address while staying in the country.
Letter of support
The GC Visa office will provide
Proof of valid legal residency in the US (copy only)
Be ready to show the original when applying in person.

Forms and Links

Application form (eVisa) East Africa Visa Application form

Processing Time

Processing timeService typeCitizenship
24 to 72 hourse-Visa
15 business daysRegularReferred country

Fee per Visa

Payment Method: Credit Card,

Type of VisaFee per VisaType of entryTerm of visa
Business/Tourist51.00Single3 months
Business/Tourist101.00Multiple3 months/ 1 year
5 Yrs. Multiple Buss/Tourist Visa
US Nationals
201.00Multiple5 years
East Africa Tourist Visa101.00Multiple3 months
Transit21.0072 hrs

Additional Notes

  • Allow (2) two extra days for GC Visa Office to process your application.
  • For Long Term/Work Visa and Children under 18, Contact GC Visa Office.
  • Please note that Embassies/Country Representative Offices change the requirements on a regular basis without notifying us.
  • There is a GC surcharge for our services.

Last updated: August 16, 2022